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  1. 01-12-09
    Yeah, it seemed weird getting on here without them there. Hopefully they'll be back by tomorrow.
  2. 01-12-09
    Nothing much either, they went away when Yoda upgraded the forum last night. Yoda said that we'll be getting them back soon.
  3. 01-12-09
    So, whats up?
  4. 01-12-09
    Hey Swan.
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Better Watch Out   10/12/17
It sets itself up as a standard home invasion film, and in the hands of sophomore filmmaker Chris Peckover, wh

Alice in Wonderland   5/20/16
And the whole time I watched it, I kept thinking back to when I watched Lady and the Tramp not too long ago

Love & Mercy   1/15/16
I think what I love most about the film is the very gentle portrayal of people with mental illness

Goodnight Mommy   9/28/15
I thought the film would be exactly the kind of film I like: a surreal, dark, twisted tale with a broad story

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