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  1. 3 Weeks Ago
    Yeah, I moved without really telling anyone, I was just gone one day. The film scene up here is insane! I'm just wrapping up this INSANE project that is set in an office, a house, a city, a bar, a flower shop, there's a rape, there's fight scenes, it puts A Final Hit to shame! It also cost a lot less than A Final Hit to make and I feel we got much better actors this time around. So yeah, it's been a crazy experience. Don't know if you're interested but here's a teaser trailer:

    If you still have my email, just send it there. If not, just PM me. I've been trying to get on here more.

    I understand not watching as many films. When I was with my daughter's mom, going to school, and working I didn't have as much time either so instead I sacrificed a relationship for my love of film. I do that a lot. I guess I'm just a moron who lives with the belief that life is temporary but film is forever.
  2. 02-09-17
    Any chance of getting a top MoFos ballot from you? Deadline is in about 3 hours.
  3. 02-01-17
    I've been good, don't know if I told you but I moved to Wisconsin. I'm currently working on another film, which has been a crazy experience. I wanted to send you Through the Devil's Eyes and A Final Hit but you never emailed me a good shipping address.

    How are you? Why haven't you been watching as many films?
  4. 01-30-17
    Hey bro, do you still get on here?
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