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  1. 1 Week Ago
    John! I don't think my last message went through with the Vocaroo message. I'm so sorry! Sending you another PM right now!
  2. 05-17-17
    Internet is still out but been meaning to pop by the library to send you a comment. I got a very sweet surprise in the mail recently and suspect I should be thanking you! I love the pin!

    Also, I didn't realize you had responded to emails a week ago and just read them. I'll be coming to the library again for internet and reply in the next few days.

    Big Hugs and hope you are well!
  3. 04-30-17
  4. 04-26-17
    Other than some congestion, perfectly fine. A few other people at work are having similar symptoms, and the originally sick co-worker still has it come back to her occasionally, so she's not quite over it. Thanks for asking. How about you?
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