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  1. 05-15-20
    Well, I did admit that I can be a jerk sometimes. -shrug- It was a heartfelt post, and I don't think I really want to worry about it too much.
  2. 05-12-20
    Cool stuff.
    I dug around for an image to use seeing as it's a merged quiz based on all sorts of Bond trivia
  3. 05-09-20
    It's just that I think my PM box is close to full. Well, I'll think about it anyway.
  4. 05-09-20
    Well, if someone says something that can be taken either way, that could be aggressive, hostile, provocative, but isn't necessarily, then don't you think how the other person takes it is a test of their character? There's something I'm trying to figure out in all of this. I think it has to do with how I react once the other person has become hostile towards me. If they've misunderstood me and assumed the worst, it's a clue to their character. Maybe it's my pride. Always wanting to put people in their place when I feel they've wronged me or something like that. But I guess I just have to be the better man and let them insult me and falsely accuse me without letting vanity creep into my responses. Part of it is the nature of it being a public forum, and that it's not in private. So that contributes to feeling the need to address it, because other people are reading it too. But I guess that really isn't all that important, and I should resist that urge more.
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