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  1. 08-12-20
    Yes, and thank you for the long and thoughtful response. My initial comments about your viewing habits seemed to irritate you, which was never my intention.

    With the way you describe the physical/mental toll of your work in the film/television industry, it sounds like you're starting AS a bottom instead of AT the bottom, if you know what I mean. "Mind and body completely f**ked up," "extra banged up from work." I hope those men on set stop being so rough. If any of your roles hit PornHub, hook me up with a link!

    In all seriousness, though, I'll try to respond to your Letterboxd comment later tonight.
  2. 08-07-20
    Join the HOF.
  3. 06-29-20
    Make sure you end every sentence with “for me” from now on, okay? We don’t want anyone getting confused about whose opinions you’re expressing.
  4. 03-26-19
    I am ready
Scream   2/12/22
Maybe the fifth films fourth wall breaks arent even a third of the way fun as the second or first film in the

The Matrix   6/25/20
The Matrix is a fired-up fairytale of destined journeys and the fight between good and evil it is a reference-

Queen of Hearts   6/18/20
Anne is confronted by her husband after Gustav have told his father everything and Anne actually lets out a de

Joker   6/05/20
That you wanted another film with another angle and another execution, thats fine, but in no way do I feel lik

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