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  1. 02-09-19
    Thanks man.
  2. 02-09-19
    I AM DOWN! I'm a bit busy working on a short film at the moment but yeah, we should look to plan one.
  3. 09-28-17
  4. 09-25-17
    Cool. Will make the post in a minute.
The Matrix   6/25/20
The Matrix is a fired-up fairytale of destined journeys and the fight between good and evil it is a reference-...

Queen of Hearts   6/18/20
Anne is confronted by her husband after Gustav have told his father everything and Anne actually lets out a de...

Joker   6/05/20
In the reality of the film, Arthur is a product of society, but in the realities of filmmaking, the society is...

Mildred Pierce   5/28/20
When the film started my first thought was it must have taken forever to cut those waves frame-by-frame coming...

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