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  1. 05-09-20
    I agree it's the way you talk, and I accept the implication of that, which is that you don't necessarily mean anything by it. But I think that's kind of the point: there's a lot of these tussles, as we've discussed before, which clearly points to either a) malice or b) lots of habits that are easily construed as malice. I believe/accept it's the latter, which is why I think this is potentially instructive.

    Thank you for the measured response, regardless.
  2. 05-09-20
    Right, but since you went on to explain why you disagreed anyway, what does it add too that? My question is phrased deliberately: it's not "what does this mean?" but "what does this add?" Check out the post in question again. Remove the "So what?" Doesn't that transform it into a completely substantive, constructive response that makes exactly the same point?
  3. 05-09-20
    That wasn't exactly rhetorical, BTW. I'd genuinely like to know what you feel "So what?" adds other than increasing the potential of escalation and conflict.
  4. 05-09-20
    I think the question applies regardless of outcome, no?
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