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  1. 01-25-21
    Nice to hear from you mate. My activity still tends to come and go in patches, have been quite active recently with the top 100 countdown. Hope you are doing well, what do you do for a living if you don't mind me asking?

    List looks awesome. Will have a proper look through it later but can quickly see there's lots of great films there. I'll probably do my own top 100 soon. At the moment the closest thing I have is this list of 233 favourites on MUBI - https://mubi.com/users/6149512/favourites
  2. 03-31-20
    No worries mate. I have been on and off the forums myself depending on how many movies I'm watching. I think I was trying to get you involved in the lists as I know you have great taste. Good to see you back around
  3. 02-12-20
    Letterboxd, RateYourMusic. I go as mrminio on both
  4. 08-04-14
    yep! been exploring his filmography a bit recently. i've only seen 4 so far, but i've liked/loved them all (bad lieutenant, 4:44, ms .45, the driller killer in that order). can't wait to see more! one of the most interesting american auteurs of the last 30 years.
Harakiri   1/08/12
Question to ponder about: Why did the aging samurai commit harakiri at the end of this film when he clearly de

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