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Virtual Reality chatter on a movie site? Got endless amounts of it here. Reviews over here
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  1. 03-27-17
    Goodbye, Gol Gol.
  2. 01-27-17
    Hey Golgot, i've never really talked to you but have always enjoyed your posts i've came across. Thanks for joining The Lynch Club
  3. 03-18-14
    Yeah, I suspect most of us will always find time for that.

    Glad you like it--thanks a lot. It's nice that so many longtime MoFos still check in often enough to see the new digs.
  4. 03-18-14
    Cool, just checking. Hey, since I'm on your profile, where are the Favorites and Profile Banner? Don't you want it to look cool?
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Cave of Forgotten Dreams   3/30/11
I was slightly surprised that Herzog didn't take the scientists to task on their wilder speculations (as he di

TRON: Legacy   1/06/11
The biggest message, however, was that towering silky 3D imagery is cool, and that was all fun (And laughing

Separado!   8/27/10
Or at least, what we get is a Welshman in 'Welsh Patagonia', which is kinda surreal, but then he's quite a sur

Four Lions   5/07/10
It's easy for a white Westerner to push through the nerves and join in the laughs, because the biggest bigot o

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