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  1. 07-29-12
    Hey Fiscal, I read you work for the Air Force- communication...that could mean! I'm kidding of course. Yeah, one of my brothers works for Korean Airlines..he's a Captain. Though he is mad as a! He said to me years ago, he can't have a beer 12-14 hours before he flys.
  2. 07-16-12
    Also going to be watching carefully, because I feel there's a 50/50 chance he's just going to his old bag of tricks to get off the ground and maybe it morphs into something new in season 2. Happens sometimes. Lots of shows take the leap then, you know?
  3. 07-16-12
    Hmmm. That might explain some stuff, then, depending on how much of TWW you saw. These sorts of formulas grate more over time, and I've seen every episode of everything he's ever done on TV, so I might be a little burned out. I know there's one entire romantic dynamic he lifted right out of SN.

    I do like the cast, though. And at this point my view of Sorkin is that you have to just sort of brush off the 9 repeated or cringe-y things because that 10th thing will knock your socks off. So we might give it a go. But only when it's available easily, methinks! Thanks, though, we'll think twice about it now.
  4. 07-16-12
    I'll bounce the idea off the Wife. We're probably not going to order HBO or anything for it, so if we do watch it it'd probably be whenever it ends up streaming or on DVD later, anyway.

    Appreciate the recommend. I'll reconsider, though I know I'll have to grit my teeth through some of it. Have you seen Sports Night? I hear he really blatantly recycles his stuff from there, so it might seem a lot fresher if you haven't, etc.
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