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  1. 10-07-13
    This has 170 films I love. It starts out simple, almost just a list, but later on I write some longer thoughts. That's a start anyways.
  2. 09-22-13
    No, but I heard it's kinky, which makes me wanna watch it.
  3. 09-22-13
    I haven't seen it. I have to watch The School of Holy Beast, talking about kinky films.
  4. 09-21-13
    Well, I don't know if I can say I am a fan of sick films, but I don't mind watching them. Especially when they are good. I haven't seen too many depraved movies, though. Besides obvious things like Salo or Noisy Requiem you should watch This Transient Life (not sick, but it's a great incest film). Also ThanksKilling (really beeped up thing, a turkey killing people). Window Water Baby Moving is an artistic film portraying the birth of a baby. I wouldn't say it's sick, but may be uneasy to some people. I find it beautiful. Die Die My Darling is a great amateur exploitation flick with a lot of badass ideas. It features i.e. a female heroine fighting a female nazi bare-breast villain. You get the idea. On the other hand, Japanese film Hausu may not be too sick, but definately crazy as hell. Irreversible is a movie, which features a realistic rape scene recorded entirely in one take lasting several minutes. Dans ma peau is another film some people may find uncomfortable. Watch The Piano Teacher and The Holy Mountain as well. They feature some sick scenes. So yeah, that's it. I definately know much more, but can't remember them now. The ones I listed may not be too sick, but they are good and interesting nonetheless. Best regards.
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