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I started out as a child, as I grew up I got older. I have been known to occasionally blurt out the word "Underpants!" for no apparent reason. Biography
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Anything non work related, movies will do. Interests
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We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...
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Frost/Nixon   1/01/09
I've done a little reading as I often do after a film like this one moves me and I also watched the actual int...

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor   8/01/08
I'll save you the trouble of reading a big long review and b...

Wanted   6/28/08
I don't believe I've had the pleasure of seeing James McAvoy before, I know he was in Atonement but that movie...

The Incredible Hulk   6/14/08
At times during this film they actually made The Hulk almost human and susceptible to a lot more pain than the...

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