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  1. 03-09-17

    Yeah I made that. I thought about a sort of half-and-half face using the two characters, but figured that having them as sort of bookends wither side of the picture was better
  2. 03-08-17
    Got something for you Potter Banner. Will fit perfectly in MoFo's profile banner.
    Save as a PNG or JGP if you can, BMP might be a bit big for MoFo.

  3. 03-08-17
    Phew... I bet you're glad there's only one left to go now
    Still waiting on Yods for images and that little edit but rest assured, they'll be sorted and made live soon

    You've been a Godsend the past few days, bud. Gonna make sure you get a proper credit as well in the quiz thread too
  4. 03-08-17
    Awesome, got the quizzes in the CP.
    Don't worry about the description on Goblet saying "3rd" instead of "4th", I got mixed up when writing the description for it ... I've contacted Yods about it.
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