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I'm an Anteater, and I've been a film reference book editor and center air traffic controller. In 2012, I had a stroke which basically left me bedridden and killed my right side. Biography
Escaped from Behind the Orange Curtain to L.A. Location
Movies, Music, Photography, Living in the Past since 2012 Interests
Teacher/Underachieving Bum/Needy Crybaby Occupation
It's what you learn after you know it all that counts. - John Wooden
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  1. 01-13-09
    Thank you for the friends request, sir!
  2. 01-13-09
    oh, I just wanted to say HI all out there in the open and what not, so HI THERE! Mwahahahahaha!
  3. 01-11-09
    You're even cuter in your profile than you are in your posts.
I Know Where I'm Going!   10/13/22
I especially love the B&W photography, the castle with rhe curse in it, the falconer, the strangely-placed tel

Some Like It Hot   8/06/22
If Billy Wilder were making movies today, he would tackle more topical subjects, but he was always attracted t

Bringing Up Baby   7/29/22
Susan is taking care of her brother's pet leopard Baby, and when David visits her home, Baby escapes and the f

Mulholland Drive   1/26/22
If not, why isn't someone's interpretation of a film as "idiotic nonsense" make as much sense as the interpret

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