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  1. 11-04-13
    Awesome news, thanks for the heads up man. I noticed his old site Cinepad was down as I used to check it out now and again for old articles, so was wondering if he planned on bringing it back or doing anything with it.
Hill of Freedom   4/13/15
If someone were to choose to watch the film as a playful and awkward vacation, Hill of Freedom would be a fun ...

Closed Curtain   2/07/15
I think this is probably Panahi's greatest film, one of the greatest Iranian films, and one of the greatest fi...

Silver Linings Playbook   1/13/13
Two people freely expressing their immature thoughts isnt sad or romantic, its just immature, at least the way...

Life of Pi   12/20/12
Lee almost had it, and the film is still good, and one of the best shot films of the year, but he falters too ...

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