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I apologize for any and all perceived slights which I did not intend to send your way. Sincerely. If someone reads a different tone, then they cannot but also read a different message. And as for those slights which I did intend, well you probably deserved those. Let's be honest. You're not exactly a picture of moderation.
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  1. 12 hours ago
    As far as I am aware, its the same 4k that I got on KG - whose source was also apparently available on an exclusive mubi platform. There are no plans for BluRay yet, but given the sizeable upgrade that we have its quality should be comparable to a potential BluRay release. I'm usually not too pedantic over quality but this one is definitely worth getting.
  2. 2 days ago
    4k restoration out. My review of your favorite film:
  3. 02-27-21
    I saw Tokyo Story last weekend.
    I get what you see in Setsuko Hara now
    She's pretty cute
  4. 02-12-20
    Great, I will check your lists out! I'm planning to start keeping tabs of the films I watch on letterboxd. Moreover, I love the diversity of lists over there. Only downside is the lack of a community forum for interaction (not that it really matters to me since I barely use MoFo anyway).
Tokyo Story   1/24/21
After all, Ozu's films are, or at least this film - Tokyo Story is, pretty straightforward

Has the Film Already Started?   2/15/18
...invites the viewer to look at it solely through the prism of cheap provocationism, but seen as a single fil

Son nom de Venise dans Calcutta désert   10/24/16
The India Song's India Song is reused here, but not as exces

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