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  1. 04-09-15
    Sorry, I thought the comment was about the three of us hitting Gatsby at the same time.
  2. 04-09-15
    It says a minute between them now. All three were the same when I posted that.
  3. 04-07-15
    In a Ring of Mountains. We use TheMovieDB.org, which is very comprehensive, but not perfectly so. However, I can make submissions, so I might do that, even though I'm not sure it would show up right away.
  4. 04-07-15
    Looks right at first glance. We have it listed as this one, from the same year.
Passengers   5/01/20
A spaceship, that looks like something I've seen in a dozen other space movies already, is flying through spac...

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When I found the movie as an adult it turned out to be a bit of a mediocre movie...

Angst   3/02/16
Maybe one day I'll find another movie that gives me the sensation that this movie made me feel...

Gimme Shelter   12/30/15
Based on a true story movies can sometimes make me forget to think about character motivations because that wa...

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