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You cannot have it both ways. A dancer who relies upon the doubtful comforts of human love can never be a great dancer. Never. (The Red Shoes, 1948)
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  1. 02-21-10
    The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
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Some Velvet Morning   6/30/15
Whilst Fred and Velvet's relationship is in stalemate, there are some nice moments of tenderness between them

The Cormorant   5/25/15
However after reading about cormorants that are kept on leads as pets, the writer becomes obsessed with the bi

Wuthering Heights   2/03/15
Most films stop halfway through with the basic love story between rebellious Cathy (Juliette Binoche) and her

Quartet   1/06/11
The aesthetic of the film really captures the zeitgeist of the period, which Merchant and Ivory almost always

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