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  1. 02-27-11
    She might have; I actually didn't talk to her about it, so I don't know if she's seen it! I might have just missed that.

    I will indeed PM you about it. Hope you'll stop by more often, but if not, no worries. Hope you're recovering well, too.
  2. 02-27-11
    I don't usually get worked up enough about the Oscars in general to let it affect how I feel about a film, unless the injustice is really extreme. I won't be particularly disappointed if The King's Speech wins. Even though other people in my family didn't love it, they thought it was nice enough, so I think the odds that I'll enjoy it are very good. And I do like Colin Firth, though probably for wildly different reasons than you do.
  3. 02-27-11
    It really is. I'm working on finally doing a top 100, and it's going to be pretty far, well, up.

    Anyway, obviously the movie is heartbreaking and beautiful, but what really struck me rewatching it again and again is how layered it is. There's a ton of stuff going on in that movie. Metaphors that work on multiple levels, repeated motifs, and all sorts of little connections and bits of foreshadowing. I've come to admire it tremendously and was still noticing things in scenes on the eighth or ninth time I'd seen them. I really think people will see the film in a new light after reading it.
  4. 02-27-11
    Hey, thought you might like to know that I've been working on an essay about the themes in Up for awhile now, tweaking it for something like 6-7 months after the initial draft. It's over 6,000 words! I really think you'll like it when it finally goes up.
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