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  1. 4 Days Ago
    Yeah, a number of her films will do well.

    Actually might watch Zero Dark Thirty. It's pretty low priority though because of the length and my familiarity with the event.

    Haven't heard anything that makes me want to watch: K-19: The Widowmaker, The Loveless, Blue Steel or The Weight of Water that much.
  2. 4 Days Ago
    Nope, going to though. I meant focus on a director as in watch a bunch of their films, Strange Days is the only other Bigelow i'm going to watch before the deadline.
  3. 3 Weeks Ago
    I think he's technically orange, but the colour is so pale that his fur is beige.
  4. 01-05-18
    Fixed. I somehow managed to post it inside the code for your Take This Waltz review. Thanks for letting me know.
3 Days of the Condor   10/24/17
Three Days of the Condor I believe this was the last movie I watched back for the 70's countdown. I remem...

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir   6/20/17
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir I might watch this one again. I had a hard time in the beginning buying into the ...

Dances with Wolves   4/29/17
Dances with Wolves This was my first time seeing this movie, along with Schindler's List, probably the bi...

The Hunt   4/18/17
The Hunt + This movie had been on my watchlist for quite a while. If I had those movies in order of pr...

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