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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Hope you like it. I had no idea what it was when i watched it, only ended up seeing it because the copy of Tabu i had was messed up and it was late so i just decided to pick a different 30's movie and that had a good average rating on Letterboxd. It's really depressing/powerful, i've found a lot of the 30's films i'm into are. Guess it's fallout from the Great Depression.

    Guessing it's already on your radar but as a non musical fan i'd keep Gold Diggers of 1933, i watched it two days ago and i think it's one of the best films i've seen. As you know i don't like musicals either but firstly all of the singing completely makes sense as the characters are performing in a musical there's no singing outside of it unless they're pracitising, and second only like a third or less is a musical. There's a short singing part at the start another about 30 min in then the last 15 minutes is a big musical scene, that end scene is one of the most incredible sequences i've seen. When it's not a musical it's a weird screwball comedy and also a social commentary on the depression, it's awesome.
  2. 04-10-18
    You haven't seen The 'Burbs? Damn, thought you would have. It's one of my favourite films, i may have nominated it don't remember.
  3. 04-04-18
    Ok, just want to watch Ed Wood
  4. 04-04-18
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