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very sensitive to the happenings of life Biography
in a mud puddle in canada where the snow once was... Location
dance, reading, learning, teaching, social aspects of life! I love you! Interests
student Occupation
one cannot live without the other...
Ive tried and realized, theres something about you, something about your ways.... mwah
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  1. 10-23-10
    sorry I've been very busy with school and children... let me know when I will check this throughout the week I don't usually look here but I will.
  2. 10-11-10
    You will be up next for the theme game. It will be for Saturday the 16th of October. Will you be ready then? Let me know.
  3. 10-08-10
    Check out the theme week thread.
  4. 09-23-10
    I need your vote.
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