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  1. 08-23-19
    You have an anniversary thread.
  2. 12-06-18
    Oh hey... one thing I forgot, was that pic of Cranston...

    You can't get an full image of his face in that pose, so I cloned the left side of his face, adjusted it, and used references to match the left and right sides, and made a pic that isn't cut off on the right side... which is how I made that Christmas avi
    Always does my head in when an avi is lopsided.
  3. 12-06-18
    Merry Cranston
  4. 11-22-18
    Don't forget to vote in the song tournament, you panty-wearing Canuck!
Deliverance   1/24/21
When four friends decide to go on a canoeing trip down the Cahulawassee River before it becomes one giant lake

Jawbreaker   1/22/21
Clueless meets Heathers in this dark comedy about three friends who accidentally kill their friend when a jawb

War, Inc.   1/22/21
War, Inc suffers from this tremendously and it was hard for me to find my footing in the right tone this movie

Assassination Nation   1/22/21
The film starts off with a trigger warning and goes through a long list of things that might piss people off,

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