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  1. 12-05-20
    In case you hadn't noticed your Happy Birthday thread.
  2. 07-18-20

    I saw you on a thread I was posting on and thought you looked new here and it turns out YOU ARE! Then I saw High and Low on your list of favorite films. A FANTASTIC film by Kurosawa. Anyway, I just wanted to share my love of High and Low and welcome you to the forum.
Within Our Gates   9/27/21
The film is also notable for tackling several social issues impacting Black citizens at the time: the underfun

Kanal   9/26/21
As the film goes on, the sewer becomes a kind of hell (and at one point, as the men scramble over each other f

Pulse   9/26/21
The horror of the film has its own explanation and works on a literal level, but must of what happens in the f

The Mummy   9/26/21
I was also relieved that the film didn't feel the need (that I could tell) for brownface with the Egyptian fla

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