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  1. 01-20-09
    Definitely not supposed to be that way, and it looks okay over here. What browser type and version are you running?

    Also, for future reference, it's better to put these sorts of things in a new or existing bug report thread in the "Site Stuff" forum.
  2. 01-17-09
    Just hit "New Thread" in the appropriate forum. Looks like you've already figured that out, though.
Rango   7/18/11
Rango’s themes are surprisingly mature and emits in part from an existential crisis, which might sound a bit t

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day   11/20/10
[i]All Saints Day[/i] is a mixed affair. Performances are al

Inglourious Basterds   9/21/09
...in the midst of this Nazi-killing massacre and extreme violence hides a strikingly brilliant film.

Antichrist   7/19/09
One Danish film critic said that one third of the audience would give this movie five stars. The second part w

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