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  1. 04-13-23
    Based furry guy
  2. 03-27-23
    Thanks for taking the time on my list 🤙 I'll do the same if you write a top 100.
  3. 11-08-18
    Keyser's Kinematic Kwiet Korner
  4. 08-31-18
    Enjoy the reviews, people should be reading your thread more, haha.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows   1/27/24
But what's most obvious about this movie is that there are s

Spy Kids   1/06/24
Any little kid who plays pretend spy would think of this kinda stuff, and they made a literal movie out of it

Inside Man   12/30/23
No movies will no affect Spike Lee's score unless one is higher than 90

3 Women   12/28/23
I can describe Altman's style with one movie scene from a non-Altman movie

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