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  1. 07-10-10
    Hey there, I just noticed you have Bin Jip in you top ten. I actually downloaded that the other day and now I'm a little more interested to check it out. It's pretty good huh?
  2. 12-14-09
  3. 05-24-09
    How are ya?
Save the Green Planet   9/11/08
So, we start off by not really being sure as to whether Byeong-gu is insane or there actually is some validity

Fine, Totally Fine   9/08/08
The film has won the top prize at the biggest Japanese film festival in the world, the Nippon Connection in Fr

Sigur Rós: Heima   1/26/08
This was bar none, the single greatest music DVD I've had the privilege of seeing.

The Banishment   12/05/07
Sadly, I'd say the photography is pretty much the only redeeming aspect of this film.

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