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Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan Location
Film, music, and pretending I have other hobbies apart from these two Interests
I do stuff for money. Then again, don't we all? Occupation
Look, I'm not judging you - after all, I'm posting here myself, but maybe, just maybe, if you spent less time here and more time watching films, maybe, and I stress, maybe your taste would be of some value. Just a thought, ya know.
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  1. 02-12-20
    By any chance, are you on any other film-related websites such as letterboxd, ICM, etc.?
  2. 12-16-19
    Okay, but I'm not a stereotypical anime character with huge eyes. I have normal sized eyes!
  3. 12-16-19
    I'm a pseudo human? That's... the nicest thing anyone said to me today. -sniffle-
  4. 12-16-19
    Lesbian Sex is pseudo sex.
Tokyo Story   1/24/21
After all, Ozu's films are, or at least this film - Tokyo Story is, pretty straightforward

Has the Film Already Started?   2/15/18
...invites the viewer to look at it solely through the prism of cheap provocationism, but seen as a single fil

Son nom de Venise dans Calcutta désert   10/24/16
The India Song's India Song is reused here, but not as exces

Ingmar Bergman
Tro och Dod: The Ingmar Bergman Club