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  1. 11-13-09
    So, no updated horror list?
  2. 08-16-09
    Don't go in thinking it's going to be this amazing film either. Just go in with an open mind.

    Let me know what you think.
  3. 08-11-09
    Timmy!!! Hello there my friend!
    How are you?
  4. 08-07-09
    Although the D.C. area is a lot more fun than South Dakota, it would really be the wrong (and insane) thing to do to bring his mother here, I think. For starters, my man doesn't even have his own place - he lives with an ex-boyfriend. So, a farm is better than a small room. Second, his mom is a lesbian so there's the hassle of bringing her lover (Pat, I kid you not) along. Third, she has her own double wide trailer. Fourth, South Dakota is more my man's speed, anyway... he likes fishing, hunting, taking care of animals. Actually, what he likes doing most is caring for elderly and sick people.

    Besides, if he moves to South Dakota, he won't be near the fat ass that's sending him pictures over the phone and god knows what else. Stupid betch. I'm gonna get him! Oh, and Love you.
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The Thaw   10/01/09
...the film will not scare you into recycling, but may make you forget the plot is recycled until that last, s

Jennifer's Body   9/22/09
Jennifer's Body is like a water damaged Rolex watch; the outside is still intriguing, but the inner workings a

Sorority Row   9/15/09
Lately most horror movies include a building, usually a house where people are trapped or going to be trapped.

The Final Destination   9/01/09
I was actually surprised by The Final Destination. Now most of you proper film critics out there may shrug thi

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