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  1. 10-14-17
    Really sorry Destiny Re: your shout. I know you've already been through so much and that's just the worst. Anyway i can't relate because that hasn't happened to me but if you need someone to talk to i'm here.

    Again sorry.
  2. 05-19-17
    I'm not really sure. The thing was I was going to let you guys figure things out. It just kind of fell to the wayside, though. I'm a terrible moderator.
  3. 03-20-17
    Do you think all will be good for you to watch the nominations?

    I hate to say that I am running this thing and I wouldn't be much help at all with finding the films anywhere. Not even links online. I had such trouble with a film in the 12th HoF. As soon as I clicked on the link, the site was completely blocked. I hope this won't be too hard for you.
  4. 03-01-17
    I know I sent the PM last night regarding sending in a second nomination for the HoF if you wanted to do it. Are you interested? I am trying to figure out the deadline for this.
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