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  1. 01-16-09

    Thanks for thinking of me! I'm finding it hard to find time for myself these days. I was hoping life would slow down a bit after the holidays, but it hasn't. Hopefully I'll be back here more when the whirlwind dies down.

    I hope all is well with you. And Happy Be-lated New Year to you too.
  2. 01-14-09
    That was such a good show, damn shame it isn't on anymore or that it didn't at least last a few more seasons.
  3. 01-13-09
    I hadn't thought about that! It would be a toss-up between Lost and BSG avvies this week, since they're restarting within a week of each other...

    I have BSG as my desktop background, so maybe Lost it is. Will hunt something down today that I like...
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