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"I want a film I watch to express either the joy of making cinema or the anguish of making cinema" -Francois Truffaut
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  1. 07-10-10
    re: The hot-linking issue. I see this from time to time on the board. Members not realizing that we can't see the image they posted. It's because you all were just on that site, so it's in your browser history/memory/cookies . . . Whatever! That is why you can see it. If you were to delete all your browsing history, and then go back to your posts, you wouldn't be able to see them either. The easiest way to solve this problem, is to get a free Photobucket account. That way they are hosted by you, and they will only disappear if you delete them from your photo account. I did this to one of your photos the other day. I hosted it from my account. I didn't realize then that you were having this problem more times than not, until I went to monitor the profile comments for SPAM.
    Also, if you don't want to hassle with a Photobucket account, you can link the DVD case photos from
  2. 07-09-10
    NP man I thought being as you asked
  3. 07-08-10
    Good films on your top 10. The only one I didn't care for is The Departed. I have yet to see Hannah and Her Sisters, but I need to catch up on quite a few Woody Allen films. Of course I'm definitely with you on Taxi Driver. I first watched that film in high school oddly enough.
  4. 07-07-10
    Your rep bar will go up at +101. Then it will go up one notch for each additional +50. +501 gives you the light sabre. It may seem unfair, but you actually got "paid" at +1, 50 reps early. Besides, you've only been here a week and a half...
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