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B.A. in psychology, J.D. in law, currenty looking to find the best way to contribute to society and help those who need help most. Biography
San Diego, CA Location
I like camping, being out in nature, traveling to exotic places, listening to the smooth and soulful music of Norah Jones, reading, movies that leave you with something to think about after you leave the theater, and thought provoking conversations. Interests
Recent law graduate Occupation
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  1. 04-18-17
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  2. 02-22-13
    Just a friendly reminder to make your Oscar picks! It's always way more fun the more people get involved.
  3. 10-03-12
    What great friends we'll be after the election.
  4. 08-04-12
    You don't post much, do you?
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Trouble with the Curve   9/23/12
"Trouble with the Curve" is actually pretty well done. If you're looking for a film to entertain and to inspir

J. Edgar   11/15/11
...with the subject matter of the film, and the importance of Hoover as a historical figure, this film could h

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