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  1. 01-27-21
    Currently I'm working as a research assistant at a university. Honestly I miss my more care-free days watching films back to back every couple of days. At this point in my life I doubt the same level of passion and obsession for film will ever be rekindled. For now I'm just reading alot more academic papers and literature, especially Latin American literature. What about you?
  2. 01-25-21
    Nice to see you still around! In case you're interested in my top 100 - Unfortunately I'm still too busy with work so I'm rarely on any movie-review platform.
  3. 11-04-20
    Sorry about the delay. I completely forgot about this. I so rarely look at or receive profile messages that I don't check. I remember watching Body Double a few years ago but can't remember in detail what I thought. The impression I have of it is that it was like a clean Hitchcock and despite what it did it wasn't sleazy or grimey enough for the subject(s) and setting. I guess that's why I like cheap exploitation rather than Hollywood versions of similar things? That said, I've always liked Dressed To Kill. Maybe I should watch that again and see if I still think so? Have you seen it yet?
  4. 10-14-20
    Ah, see that's where De Palma always fell down for me. He like a talented Guy Ritchie in that he has a camera and is determined to let you know it. There's always that early shot in a De Palma film which is flashy for no reason other than him showing off. I'm very much, I know who the director is, just tell the ****ing story.
Playtime   2/07/15
I want to watch this film again already, and I can feel this becoming one of my all time favourite films that

Waking Life   11/21/14
I remember last year when I was in my university accommodation I had this really long lucid dream, it was more

Shame   11/02/14
By the end of the film nothing has really been achieved, we know nothing that we did not know about these cha

Fury   11/02/14
The film lacks (almost) any kind of morality or human balance that make the most powerful war pieces so fascin

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