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Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it
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  1. 08-05-22
    I voted for both of those, but not at number 1.
  2. 08-05-22
    Regarding your post comment: No, I don't consider Her a comedy so I didn't vote for it. People probably associate my #1 with a different genre more than they do comedy, even though it's funny as hell, so I wouldn't be surprised if nobody else voted for it.
  3. 02-12-22
    The Passion of Joan of Arc
  4. 07-05-20
    Good man, how are you? Sorry, I couldn't remember my password.
The Batman   3/14/22
Seriously at what moment as Wayne or Batman was he in the least bit captivating

I'm Thinking of Ending Things   1/09/21
There's a few clever moments in here however, perhaps if you've seen A Woman Under The Influence and Oklahoma

The Florida Project   6/08/18
This ain't a blue collar film, or one of the working class, this film portrays the no collar

The Silence of the Lambs   1/14/18
When I first saw this film I found it one of the most disturbing films ever, I've probably watched a fair 50-7

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