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  1. 12-05-20
    In case you hadn't noticed your Happy Birthday thread.
  2. 07-18-20

    I saw you on a thread I was posting on and thought you looked new here and it turns out YOU ARE! Then I saw High and Low on your list of favorite films. A FANTASTIC film by Kurosawa. Anyway, I just wanted to share my love of High and Low and welcome you to the forum.
Mill of the Stone Women   12/05/21
believes that he has killed Elfie, and in a ghostly vision carries her upstairs to her be

Lisa and the Devil   12/04/21
I also enjoyed the way that the film subverts a very obvious beat in terms of Max's growing obsession with Lis

Sweetheart   11/30/21
While I praised the film for not indulging in an exposition dump, in the end I did wish that I'd known a bit m

The Manor   11/30/21
I watched this film at the behest of our dear MKS, who has a recently written script that has some overlaps wi

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