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  1. 09-18-20
    And yeah, I definitely intend on getting a copy of Logic once I get my office space setup. I just absolutely LOVE the easy of use that Apple has created with their DAW. I've got a year of GarageBand under my belt so the shift to Logic will be easy as pie.

    Only downside is my Mac is one of those Pro cheese grater models from 2009, so it's long in the tooth and in no way portable, which is why I am waiting to setup my office before I buy it.
  2. 09-18-20
    That thread was super helpful. Seems like Presonus is going to be the way to go if for no other reason than performance.
  3. 09-18-20
    Yeah, definitely seems like at this point most of the differences between DAWs is purely UI and workflow.

    It probably makes more sense to stick with Presonus since I own one of their mixers, but it would be nice to understand Protools in case I ever have a chance to use a professional studio that's built around it. But the more I think about it that sounds pretty unlikely because I don't see myself paying for something I can do at home.

    And Protools used to be Mac only but it's PC/Mac now.

    I think I just need to do some more research about the pros/cons to mixing/mastering between the two. At this point, I really only need a DAW to up my mixing/mastering skills.
  4. 09-18-20
    Yeah, I know what you mean. At least you already got all that music knowledge built up. I think thatís the only reason why Iím so determined is because Iím learning something every time I sit down and try to create.

    Funnily enough, thatís exactly what I want to do with my business (livestreaming stuff). Provide people like you with affordable assistance getting themselves broadcasting live, so if you ever want any help with any of the technical side just let me know. I have a lot of ideas (directly related to my future business) and the technical side of the equation I have a much better handle on. And this goes without saying but no strings attached to that offer.

    It would end up helping me too because Iíd get some more hands on experience and could have an example to point to of what I can do/help someone else do.

    Btw, do you have any firsthand experience with Protools? I am debating between the Presonus upgrade when they do their sale or a purchase of Protools (I have student discount). Just curious if you have ever messed with it and what you think of it.
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