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  1. 05-03-10
    No thread on Shutter Island DVD, yet?
  2. 03-31-10
    whats with your avatar
  3. 02-17-10
    No, we only send in 25 and Badger will make a list of 100 from those.... thanks for helping out...
  4. 02-17-10
    Hey... Do you have time to turn in a top 25 list? We need as many MoFos to turn one in as we can get...

    MoFo Top 100 Movies, Part III
Fantastic Four   8/09/15
Well I saw Fantastic Four and of course it wasn't a perfect film, but it most certainly wasn't a bad movie wha

Ant-Man   7/24/15
As any other MCU film, there are Marvel movie and comic book easter eggs and references galore

Jurassic World   6/17/15
Taken place exactly 22 years later, on the same exact island as the original park, Jurassic World not only res

Avengers: Age of Ultron   5/06/15
I was also impressed how scenes within this film integrate nicely with the upcoming films Thor: Ragnarok, Capt

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