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You're an enigma, cat_sidhe.
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  1. 12-13-18
    Took ages, but I redid the avi and I smoothed out the animation

  2. 12-08-18
    You want a hat, or some snow on the avi?
    Snow will take minutes... adding a hat to him though will take about 2 hours.
  3. 10-27-18
    Thank you! My plan this Halloween is to kill everyone with cuteness.
White Dog   10/04/18
The rest of the movie plays out almost like a weird cross between a low key blaxpoitation movie and a spaghett

Batman & Robin   8/19/18
I can appreciate the campy comic book look, but it ended up looking a bit two dimensional (and I generally pre

Freddy vs. Jason   6/10/18
This movie picks up where Jason Goes To Hell left off and it is in hell that Freddy, forgotten and therefore p

Jason X   6/09/18
Yeah, well why not punt him into the sun, or whatever it is studio execs do to Jason without regard for Jason

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