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"I want a film I watch to express either the joy of making cinema or the anguish of making cinema" -Francois Truffaut
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  1. 09-06-10
    Yep, that'll be fine, and yep, we will be able to change them.
  2. 09-06-10
    Give me a photo for the album, son. You know you wanna.
  3. 08-11-10
    I've seen no Tarkovsky from before Andrei Rublev. The only one after that I'm missing is Nostalgiah and Voyage in Time, but the latter doesn't count. I'm sure Nostalgiah's as good as The Sacrifice or Stalker, but I've got to see it first.

    I love Solaris too, especially the ending, but ideologically it's quite obscene.

    Floating Weeds? I've got nothing on my schedule. Sure. Here're the Ozu films I've seen. Tokyo Story, Early Summer, Tokyo Chorus, Late Spring, Early Spring, and Tokyo Twilight. He has so, so many films and nearly all of them are in the Bordwell book. I plan to eventually see all of them, but some are harder to find than others.

    Thanks for the recs. And sorry this is so damn long.

    Um... you're crazy.
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