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  1. 4 days ago
    No, I posted it under movies You've watched and tagged it for review. I had taken a vacation from the forum for about six months, and was confused about how to post a review. Sorry.
  2. 4 days ago
    can you delete, I could not figure out how.
  3. 1 week ago
    Might want to check this out https://www.movieforums.com/communit...r.php?u=101798

    2 days, no posts, link in sig, and a similar thing in his profile banner.
  4. 1 week ago
    The weirdest thing to me is how he said the support for Tanushree Duttra came from the "PC brigade", as if the only reason she's taken seriously is because of political correctness. That makes me think he never wanted to discuss a serious subject in the first place.
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Every filmmaker has a range of outcomes. A David Mamet fi...

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In Aaron Sorkin's 1998 television series Sports Night, during a conversation about workplace dynamics, one of ...

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Nothing changes until it does. And up until that point, it often seems like the universe itself has conspired ...

Rise of the Planet of the Apes   8/18/11
The saving grace of Hollywood tropes is that, when they become pervasive enough, more thoughtful writers and d...

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