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  1. 12-08-18
    I did 2, one is slightly grainy so it shows the snow on the white background a little better. Only problem is it looks like it's flickering.

  2. 12-08-18
    Swan... you want some Christmassy snow on that avi?
  3. 11-29-18
    I'd always hoped that Zombie would make a prequel or sequel, so I'm definitely looking forward to 3 From Hell. Whether they're tormenting people or arguing over flavors of ice-cream, I genuinely love those characters. I also think they're the only characters that Zombie knows how to write well (at least by his low standards). Maybe because they're so near and dear to him. 1000 Corpses and Devil's Rejects are very different films, so I'm hoping that he takes this newest film in a fresh direction. At the very least, it should provide me with a new plethora of Captain Spaulding .GIFs to use on here.
  4. 11-19-18
    I think of me and you every time they show Rob Zombie and Eli Roth sitting at that table discussing horror movies. I've still got a couple episodes on my DVR I've yet to watch, but overall I've been disappointed by the show. Was hoping it'd shed a light on lesser known stuff, but it's basically Horror 101. Still, though, it's cool hearing people like Tarantino and Edgar Wright discuss what some of these movies have meant to them.
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