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  1. 12-03-20
    Not bad. Big ol' scar, doesn't have the same strength level yet, but closer to normal than it was. Could've been worse. How've you been?
  2. 12-01-20
    Ahhhhh just two hours, list time! Help an admin out!
  3. 01-03-20
    Avengers Endgame 3.5/5 stars or 710
  4. 10-17-18
    Hi mate, inbox should have some space now.
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Hacksaw Ridge   2/19/17
Now I'm sure that some people who view this film will take issue with its graphic portrayal of warfare; they'l

Mad Max: Fury Road   6/07/15
Film Trivia Snippets - There is a fan theory doing the rounds that the Max in this film is not the same Max as

Avengers: Age of Ultron   4/25/15
Film Trivia Snippets - At one point in time Abomination (the villain from 2008's Incredible Hulk) was consider

Birdman   2/10/15
On a number of occasions the film breaks away from him to focus on the characters that surround him so it does

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