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Originally from southern Arizona, Sedai now resides in the Boston area where he spins records, takes in film, and is known to write the occassional film review on this very site. Biography
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"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP
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  1. 03-14-19
    Yeah, I only had one busted so I saved the other one for later.

    And first thing I spun was The Chirping Crickets.
  2. 03-13-19
    They came in the mail today and holy hell that was the most frustrating 15 mins of my life.
  3. 03-12-19
    So I finally broke down and bought new ear cup pads for my 280s. The headband needs replacing, too, but I cannot find a genuine replacement so I may just leave it alone for now or buy a Chinese knockoff.
  4. 01-08-19
    I think the IP thing is just more CloudFlare proxy stuff, especially since one of those users has a couple thousand posts themselves. Seeing it more and more.
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