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  1. 07-28-15
    If you go to the page with the link that says "Add Quiz"... just underneath there's an Approve Quiz link too.
    In there, you'll see all quizzes in waiting.

    Don't click any of them though, Yoda does all that as he has to add the artwork to them.
  2. 07-28-15
    No it's not Pulp
    I always have a look inside the system to see which ones are in waiting before I start writing.
    Giving away the secret but I've put up a Breakfast Club one, Yods will approve it soon
  3. 05-21-15

    Correct answer: "I gave the REMAKE a judge Judy facepalm."

    Me need coffee.
Shall We Dance   9/10/19
For me the primary reason for watching a Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire musical is to see the couple create a

Daddy Long Legs   9/02/19
Fred Astaire is without doubt one of the finest dancers ever to light up a screen and Leslie Caron is certainl

The Piper   8/07/19
The Piper is quite a nicely presented take on the Pied Piper lore that fairly quickly managed to draw me in an

Sally of the Sawdust   7/11/19
On the plus side the cinematography is generally nice, the basic dramatic premise one that will always find a

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