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  1. 04-09-17
    Hey, noticed the URLs for the movie pages you're visiting are partially incomplete. Can you let me know where you're clicking on them from, so I can fix it?
  2. 03-22-17
    I should indeed. A lot of those are on my watchlist.
Ghostwatch   10/08/18
There's a certain level of uneasiness to seeing the people in the room acting very posh and professional and

Whistle and I'll Come to You   10/05/18
There's also a 3 minute picnic scene in the middle of the film which also adds nothing to the film

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels   9/30/18
An insanely entertaining film, the best kind of film

Jack Frost   9/23/18
When I saw this HoF I thought of the film and said *GASP* That's the perfect film to nominate

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