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I enjoy Movies, Music, Writing, Stargazing. rare things, unusual things, dark things Biography
If I told you, I would have to kill you. Location
Writing poetry and short stories, Enjoy historical and horror films, all types of music except modern pop and rap/r&b Interests
My mantle no longer is green, I think of my beauty with pain,And the days when another was queen.

My arms are withered and thin,My hair once golden is grey; ’Tis winter–my reign doth begin–Youth’s summer has faded away.
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  1. 07-23-19
    This should help you out with your DVDs
  2. 02-13-19
    I'm from Belgium, does that count as a Nordic country ?
  3. 10-09-18
    PMed response
  4. 10-01-18
    Count of Monte Cristo and Gladiator

    I like Jane Eyre: the Fassbender one. He’s so dreamy!
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