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  1. 10-20-17
    Sorry just saw this was in Ireland. Ten mate. No restrictions; bands, solo, whatever. Thanks
  2. 10-13-17
    Hey mate. Would you be interested in sending a Musical Artists list? It's the same as the other two countdowns i did. Also it's the last one so it would be the last time i annoy you about this haha.
  3. 08-30-17
    Awesome, thanks
  4. 08-30-17
    Your ten favourites. Comedies, Docs, Miniseries are allowed as long as they were shown in episodes and can reasonably be called a tv show.

    Not sure if you are a fan of any of these but i may as well say in case you are considering voting for them. Doctor Who counts as the one show; someone specified the classic series but i'm just counting it as one. Blackadder counts as one too, Godoggo split them up last time. An odd one that i didn't think people would consider splitting up is Twin Peaks, someone specified the 90's series, i'm of course not separating that and The Return. If you're voting for a Star Trek specify which one please.

    Those are all the ones that have been brought up i believe, ask away if you have any questions that haven't been addressed.
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