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  1. 01-13-10
    Really nice to have you back and posting again, Christine. Hope things have been well with you lately.
  2. 05-10-09
    aww thanks luv! Have you had a good day with your mum?
  3. 05-10-09
The Brand New Testament   8/28/16
The film's flights of whimsical fantasy wont be for everyone but Im thinking if you liked Amelie then youll pr

Kes   8/19/15
I see now that Kes isnt going to make the Mofo top 100 of the 1960s which is a terrible shame as it rightly is

Li'l Quinquin   7/14/15
The film is set in the Northern French countryside, a land of small villages and close knit people who don't t

Mad Max: Fury Road   5/14/15
Tom Hardy as Max is almost mute, in fact the whole film is, but you don't miss speech when your whole vista is

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