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  1. 08-27-17
    I just read your review on "Borat!", and yes, that was over a decade ago.

    But I couldn't help but comment that the ONLY person who was in on the final scene was Pamela Anderson herself. Nobody else in the crowd knew what was going on, not even the security guards.

    The only scene that was completely staged was the ice-cream truck bear scene.

    Borat himself had the police called on him no less than 92 times during filming. The FBI even assigned a team to him due to his suspicious behavior. You just can't make this stuff up.
  2. 08-18-17
    Think you should play man
  3. 08-09-17
    You're cute too but i couldn't say that on a public forum!
  4. 08-03-17
    Any chance you could send a top ten movie stars list mate?
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