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  1. 09-28-17
  2. 09-25-17
    Cool. Will make the post in a minute.
  3. 09-25-17
    Hey, would you meet me halfway and add another Anthology if i cut it down to 2 then i'll add another category? You can pick both Creepshow and V/H/S 2? Up to you.
  4. 09-15-17
    Cars 2 and 3 are the only ones i haven't seen. Actually heard Cars 3 is around the same quality as the first one, if that's accurate i'll probably like it as i quite like Cars. The second sounds dire though.
Cars   9/26/17
i n t r o d u c i n g r e v i e w s ______________________________ 2006 Cars "Pixar theme" ...

The Incredibles   9/24/17
i n t r o d u c i n g r e v i e w s ______________________________ 2004 The Incredibles "Pixar t...

Finding Nemo   9/24/17
i n t r o d u c i n g r e v i e w s ______________________________ 2003 Finding Nemo "Pixar the...

Noah   9/23/17
_______________________ MovieMeditation's Reviews _______________________ 2014 Noah directed by Da...

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